Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fall Shopping Secondhand Style

Welcome to my new blog!  I have a passion for shopping at thrift and consignment stores and about 90% of my wardrobe is now secondhand.

This year I put a lot of thought into what I really "needed" and wanted going into the fall season.  My job has a casual dress code and jeans are acceptable.  Jeans are pretty much the only wardrobe staple I do not purchase at the thrift store because I hate sorting through the various sizes and styles and never have luck finding ones I like.  J Crew jeans are my favorite and fit me the best so those are the only ones I buy.  I bought the High Rise Skinny from J Crew Factory to start me off while they were on sale a few weeks ago. 

Twice a year my favorite consignment store (360 in Kalamazoo, MI) has an end of season sale.  I always go on the 60% off day and this year I found these seemingly brand new Tory Burch boots.  I had a credit from consigning my own items and combined with two other items, my grand total was $5. 

From Ebay I picked up a vintage Gucci purse and gold hoop earrings, a staple I had been missing from my jewelry box.

I needed the jeans and the other items were wants, but the earrings and purse have already been worn many times.  I look forward to wearing the boots once the weather starts getting cooler.

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